In 2011 Robert Crouse Therapy LLC. introduced the S.A.F.E program into a local day program for adults that have unique needs. The S.A.F.E. program is aimed at giving individuals and families an alternate approach for meeting their goals. Originally designed to meet the needs of behaviorally challenged individuals, S.A.F.E encourages constructive communication while remaining sensitive to the inherent dignity and individuality of each and every person. This program has grown and branched out with all the staff that have been trained in the S.A.F.E. way. There are workshops and family consulting opportunities that you can take advantage of. For more information on how to get invloved or get some training in the S.A.F.E. concepts contact me at (719) 231-8746 or by email ( [email protected] ).

S.A.F.E. stands for:

  • Seeking - Complacency has the potential of being one of the most dangerous human experience... it keeps you from noticing other things and learning other effective strategies. Even if something is working, one can still learn new ways of learning. If things are not working, a collaborative effort is made to find new and effective ways of doing something.
  • Avenue - Many times there is more than one way to reach a destination. One of our goals will be to be vigilant in finding new ways to be successful. We will be constantly evaluating the most effective route and making adjustments if needed.
  • Family - Every one of us is part of a family unit, biological or otherwise. Another one of our goals will be to build on the foundation of what the family has already built, in order to assist the whole family in creating new ways to become successful.
  • Enrichment - Everyone should have the opportunity to grow and learn something each day. With every success, great or small, we have become more than what we were the day before. Each day is special, and despite the struggles that may arise, we strive to enrich life to its fullest potential.

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